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Allison Danger woman
OMG I hate technology.

I had to re-load Windows XP today. I lost all my internet links, my files, my pictures, photos, etc. Stuff I'd had from 1997 until this year.


There's not enough words to convey how mad I am about this. Plus I'm mad at myself for not backing up my files. !@(#$&(!@#$&!@*(#$&!@(*$&!@*($&Q@*($&@*(#$&@#*($&@#

I do have some items that I loaded to websites like LJ and but it's scarce compared to what I had. =/

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*huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs* :(

I am so very sorry, I know how crappy that is. =///

If you send me you're email (mine is my AIM name + - I'll send you some of my zillion folders of pictures. <3

You're a peach! I sent you an email; whenever you have the time, it's no rush. Thank you!!

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