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It's 1 a.m., my stomachs fussy and I've been sleeping almost the entire day. So what better time to update my LJ?

Not that there's much to update. Work is work. There've been a couple of people let go, and rumors. My company was bought by a hospital/corporation, and it took a hit last year. This year there'll be no raises for us, and when its slow people are having to take days off without pay (or with pay if we have the time). I don't know what would've happened if we hadn't sold our company to this hospital/corporation, but I do know that the doctors do have their regrets about selling. I was against it but hey, what do I know.

I've been pushing back against one of the Doctors I work for who is very verbally abusive at times. I'm tired of being a passive receptical, and when he started getting loud I looked at him, put my hand out towards his face and lowered it saying "Lower your voice." He looked at me in disbelief and sighed in fustration. I told him he was fussing at the wrong person. It was about the stupidest thing too. I wish he'd retire. Today he's 78 I believe, or 77. Either way, he probably won't. His father started the company I work for and died while actually in his office, seeing patients. His son'll probably wind up the same way.

A month ago, my mother and I signed up for a gym down the street where I work. It has tons of classes that are good for both of us, and I've started the "Intro to Yoga" and "Intro to Pilates". I like the Yoga better, but both will be good for my spine and getting into shape. They offer a Tai Chi and Dance Rhythms exercise classes I haven't started yet but I'm going to.

This past week, I re-read the Sandman series. Mike introduced me to these comics, produced by Vertigo/DC Comics, and although I still love the X-Men and Batman, the Sandman series and it's various spin offs are my all time favorite. And it's interesting, I picked up a lot of things that I missed the first few times I read these comics...they're like that, you'll always find new things in them each time you read them. The desire to find more was so big that yesterday I stopped in one of our best comic stores and wound up spending a hundred and four dollars. Granted, half was on the Spiderman comic that had President Obama in it, the next Essential X-Men, and X-Infernus (big fan of Illyana/Magik), but I found a TPB that involved Destiny (one of the 7 Endless featured in the Sandman comics - the other 6 being Dream {Sandman/Morpheus}, Death (my favorite), Despair, Delirium, Desire and Destruction), and one that featured stories from the Dreaming & characters in the Dreaming. I also saw a TPB featuring the Thesslian witch but didn't get it...wish I had now.

These are a lot more adult than X-comics and even Batman comics. They're also deeper and have meaning in them. I'm awfully glad Mike introduced me to them. I just wish there was more, and comics based on all the Endless, including the new Dream, Daniel. Maybe there is, I'll have to look.

Stomach is still all jumbly. Bleh.

We're going to the Zoo tomorrow, weather permitting. Yay!

A lot of death lately. Michael Jackson. Ed McMahon. Farrah Fawcett. In the midst of Michael's, someone passed that had just the briefest mention in the malestrom.

Robert McNamara, President Kennedy's Secretary of Defense as well as President Johnson's, passed on July 6th. He was hated under President Johnson for the Vietnam war (commonly called "McNamara's War"), but this was unjust. The war was begun under Truman and each President escalated it further until it came to it's ultimate evolution under Johnson. McNamara was another one of it's victims in my opinion. He was a good man, and a key supporter of the blockade of Cuba during the Cuban Missle Crisis. Perhaps I'm biased by his portrayal in the movie "Thirteen Days", or perhaps because he was a part of President Kennedy's cabinet. That war ruined a lot of people - most prominently President Johnson. But I digress.

Then yesterday we learned late that Walter Cronkite died at age 92. Not unexpected given his age, but still...him and Edward R. Murrow are journalists that with their passing, an age has gone as well. Now it's all 24 hour news and sensational headlines and truth is mixed with opinion. Cronkite never gave his own opinion about the news he reported, except on a few rare occassions - but even then he made sure to stress that it was his own opinion and not news. He strove to find the truth in the news he reported, and when it was mistaken he owned up to it and made no excuses or blamed anyone else. He was what more so-called 'journalists' nowadays should strive to be. But aren't.

Truly he'll be missed.

A local radio station, 105.1 LRS has been changed from alternative/hard rock to talk radio. This really pisses me off. The lineup is all conservative garbage, except for two that lean more middle of the road. But really, Glen Beck? Michael Savage? This stuff is already on the AM stations, now it has to be on FM too? Living in Kentucky pisses me off when it comes to politics. We're so conservative when you get outside of Louisville, it's scary.

I went back to Wisconsin in June to visit Becky and Aldous, and one of the things I liked was how Progressive Madison seems to be. Plenty of progressive radio stations to listen to, which faded the farther south I got. Sigh. We get no progressive stations here, you'd think it would kill someone to put a progressive program on 105.1.

I briefly put it on yesterday after leaving the comic shop only to hear Michael Savage say that Obamaites are cold, heartless people.

...Wtf? Last time I looked, I had a heart and was a pretty warm person. !@(#$&!@*#$&!@*($#&!@*(#&!#@$*&

It's fustrating to NO end.

But my trip north was wonderful. I love visiting Becky and Aldous, they're such warm and friendly people. Becky's one of the few folks from '97 that turned into a great friend, and Aldous has too despite only being around him twice. They're a lovely couple, I'm glad she found him.

Speaking of friends from '97, I found Stacy on facebook. She had sent me a letter a couple of months ago, having found out about Andrew, and sent me her condolences. I was so touched and sent a reply that she didn't respond to. I actually googled her name and once I found out what she does for a living, it wasn't a surprise that she didn't respond. She's a very popular and well known wedding photographer, having her own website and apparently having done wedding shots in various states. Her shots are awesome, and weird as it sounds, I'm so proud of her. She's done well for herself, and being so young. Then again I knew, out of our group, she was one who'd not settle for anything less than making the most of her potential. Which she had gobs of. I told her that if I ever get married, she's doing my photos.

Wow, this entry is longer than I expected, It's 15 'til 2 a.m. but I'm not tired.

I facebook a lot lately. I'm there under my full name so feel free to send me a friend request. It's amazing how many wrestlers are on there. I think I even have the real Melina friended, although she's nothing like I thought she'd be. Cheerleader Melissa is on there, she's awesome.

Speaking of wrestling, TNA's Knockout division is quickly becoming the best thing TNA has got going for it. There is so much talent, it's overflowing. WWE could/should take notes - but it won't. They're going back to more PG-13 content, as evidenced by the bikini wrestling match. The poor women wrestlers, for every step they take (i.e., the awesome fatal 4 way match for #1 contenders status on RAW a couple of weeks ago), management/Vince has them take 5 steps back. There's so much established talent there (Beth, Mickie, Melina, Natalya, Gail Kim, Jillian, Katie) that most they don't do anything with, plus the potential/getting better talent (Michelle McCool, Alicia Fox {VERY impressive}, Eve, the Bellas {that hurt to write but it is true}), and the developmental talent (Serena Deeb {from OVW and SHIMMER who shouldn't even BE in developmental}, Angela Fong}...yet Vince refuses to take women's wrestling completely seriously.

WWE's loss is TNA's gain however. especially with the addition of Sarita, a Japanese talent that I can't remember her name at the moment, and the unleashing of Cheerleader Melissa (under the silly name of Alyssa Flash - what is WITH TNA and their names? Thats my only complaint.) from her Raisha Saeed gimmick - plus Victoria/Tara as champ allowing her to show her full range of talent again, and established talent like Sojo Bolt, Sharmell (who really does have wrestling ability, just was never given the chance to show it), Kong, Angel Williams, Madison Rayne, Taylor Wilde and DAFFNEY. OMG I love Daffney, she's so damn hardcore going into the tacks! LOVE IT. Thats the kind of matches I want the women in the WWE doing, ladder matches, submission matches, first blood, no DQ...and the Melina that friended me on facebook wants the same, she's apparently thinking of leaving the WWE because she's fed up with women's wrestling being looked down on. Again I'm not 100% sure it's the real Melina, but it seems to be. If so, she's pissed and wants to be in the kind of matches I've listed above, to show that the women are as good as the men.

So if Melina does end up jumping ship, I'll know it's the real one, and I've given a heads up. To anyone who likes wrestling that is, and has read this far heh.

Now I'm a bit tired and maybe my stomach'll quit. So I'll stop now. I hope all is well with everyone! :D Goodnight!


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