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Allison Danger woman
Heh I'm on facebook more now than I am on here. But I'm still keeping up with people and communities here.

On Friday, my parents and I are leaving for Washington D.C.! I'm excited, I've never been before. Plus we're going to head down mid-next week to my favorite aunt and uncle in Virginia Beach. So I get a nice long vacation.

Which I need. Between my aunt that's in town here, and the patients at patience is running on low. I need to recharge my batteries pronto.

Hope all is well with everyone! If you want to friend me on facebook, just message me here and I'll respond with my full name so you can look me up. Or give me yours and I'll look you up. ^__^

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Facebook is addicting, or at least the games are lol I'm Michelle Penny or if you want to add me over there :)

I hope you have a nice holiday, it sounds like you deserve it.

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