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Attention fellow SHIMMER devotees!! I'm slowly building my SHIMMER DVD collection but I've run into a snag. I've got Vols 1 - 6, as well as some of the later Volumes, but I can't find #'s 7 - 13. Has this happened to anyone else? And can anyone recommend how to find these volumes?

I'd be grateful for any advice!!

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are you using amazon to do so? I know I got ............. 9? from them. I'm currently not able to get to the room where my DVDs are to find out for real. But it was after 6, I know that.

Yup, I actually bought 1 - 5 from walmart and mom got me #6 from amazon. I've been searching there and google in general with no luck. These things are harder to find than Jimmy Hoffa! >:(

Pish posh, Jimmy Hoffa is easy to find, you just have to look hard! Concrete hard.....

Hmm. Even on Google shopping I haven't found anything. I will "ask around" (to make this sound even more mob-esq) and see if anyone else knows anything.

Yeah..just gotta sift the waters a bit....he'll pop up sooner or later... XD

Hey thanks! I appreciate the help. And that Dreamer icon never fails to crack me up *snickers*

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