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Natalya glee

I did a review of Mickie's CD for diva-dirt (best wrestling blog ever!) and they liked it enough to publish it! Plus Mickie herself read it, LIKED IT, and put it on her twitter and facebook!!


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HEEEEEE! I know a famous person! This is so awesome though, not just the being published part, but that MICKIE JAMES even saw it!!!! <333333

I KNOW!!!! I about died when I saw her tweet "Thanks to Jennifer for a great review!" with the link. THEN put it up on her official facebook!!

I tweeted her saying I didn't expect her to read my review and that I was really glad she liked it & honored that she read it.

I wake up today to a direct message from her!! She said "No it is I who is honored...truly...thank you."


=OOOOOO!!! That is so freaking awesome!

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