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Wow so it's been a while..
Allison Danger woman
I had no idea it'd been so long since I made an actual entry. How y'all doing? :D

Been a lackluster year so far, I'll tell you that.

I got fired from my job in January. I'd had enough abuse from this patient's relative and talked back to her. After being suspended from work for 3 days I was fired on Friday Jan 22nd. Ugh, despite the abuse, I was really devastated. After all, the location was great, the people I worked with were nice, the hours & pay were good..

But I have to admit, my folks were so supportive. Apparently for the two weeks prior to being fired, my mom had noticed a real change in my mood and not for the better. After 7, almost 8 years, I suppose it was time to leave. Plus in 2007 we were purchased by a bigger company and the changes were not for the better.

So now I'm on unemployment and actively looking for a job. Go me!

But the extra time has allowed me to de-stress...or as much as I can while worrying about getting a job. I've become quite addicted to twitter. Rotf, it's funny I've gone from chat rooms to IMs to LJ to facebook to twitter. I even have a 'professional' blog that I started after being challenged by a friend of mine.

But I adore twitter, mainly because of the contact it allows you with celebrities. Or in my case, wrestlers. Mainly the women, and they're really good to their fans. In my case, I've sent messages to & received replies from the following:

Mickie James (as detailed in my last post when I got published on
Melina (a TON! She is SO freakin' friendly and sweet and kind, she's become a real inspiration to me!)
Michelle McCool
Savannah aka Angela Fong (I actually met her when SD/ECW came to Louisville in Jan. I got a pic with her after the show and asked her why wasn't she wrestling in the WWE. She said that this was something new for her and we'd see what the future held. I complimented her on her wrestling because her stuff in FCW is fantastic.)
Chris Jericho

*cough*..I actually have them saved to a Word document on my computer, all the tweets I've gotten from them. It's just really special to me that however busy they are, they take the time to correspond with the fans. Melina in particular, her fans have gotten to know her really well due to the WWE Raw chat each Monday and twitter.

So I'm a Twitterholic. XD If you want to find me on there, I'm JenniferL134.

Also in September, I'm going to my first SHIMMER tapings!! Tickets go on sale tomorrow and whether or not I have a job in Sept, I'm there. I can't wait, I've become addicted. I now have Volumes 1 - 6, and 13 - 28. Still trying to locate the elusive 7 - 12 (esp 7, it's like trying to mine for gold).

So I'm uber excited about that. Plus ROH is coming to Louisville in July, I may get tickets for that.

Heh it's a little embarrassing but thats been the biggest highlights of the year so far for me. Turned 28 on May 13th, whoo hoo.

Oh, I have been reading a lot more about feminism and educating myself. There's a lot of sexism that I never saw until lately, it's been a real eye-opener how much crap still goes on.

Randomly...Betty White on SNL = freakin' sweet. Best SNL I've ever seen.

^^ This is a link to a recent Conan O'Brien tour show where he had a dance off between him, Stephen Colbert & Jon Stewart. I'm not sure how the world didn't implode from so much awesomeness on one stage.

I'm sickened by this oil spill. The pictures of animals...I can't even look at those, I'll end up crying. But I think it's interesting that normally people who don't want the govt involved in anything private sector are jumping all over the President for not getting involved sooner. WTF? You can't have it both ways! Sigh...

Anyhoo, I'll wrap this up. Good night and good luck!

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Gasp! That's a lot of fucking people! Hahah, I've been trying to get one of my Mets reporters to reply back to me. I am in lust with him.

That sucks about work, but it does sound like a blessing in disguise. Of course, that's what people have been talking about in regards to my lack of a BA in teaching, ha, but still. Yours sounds more blessing in disguise-y.

UGH. I am so very jealous of you getting to see Shimmer. No one wants to go with me to the Chicago area, haha, and it's really too far away to be driving by myself (plus wrestling is better with my friend whose mother won't let her leave the state, sadly).

I love how Bobby Jindal (literally my fav. gov. even before the spill) went from the super Republican, howdy ya'll, government stay out of our noses -- to 'oh crap, this spill is fucking CRAZY - please help us government =/////' I think most of the bullshit that came out of his mouth prior to the spill about government was what "they" wanted him to stay and now he's kind of decided, well, fuck this, we need stuff done now.

I know, right!? LuFisto's tweeted me twice, she called me 'hun'! And guess what?! Allison Danger tweeted asking if anyone needed back issues of SHIMMER. I tweeted her saying I did, so she wanted me to hit her up on myspace. (I didn't know anyone used that anymore besides VicTara heh) I sent her a friend request with a message that said basically this SHIMMER addict needed her fix. Rotfles..she replied and said that she supposed she was enabling an addict! LOL! Anyways she has volumes 8, 9 and 10! Sold 'em to me for 60, which is steep, but thats alright. I'd found a website that has 10, 11 and 12, so now all I'll need is 7 and apparently thats very elusive. And also she said I'd be getting one of the last original Volume 9's...whoo hoo!

So me, being me, I myspace emailed her back thanking her, and also thanking her for basically creating SHIMMER. I'm not someone who sucks up so I told her I wasn't doing that, I just wanted to tell her how much I appreciated her creating the company. ....And my appreciation took the form of 2 - 3 long paragraphs. *cough*..

I'm a little embarassed but it's Allison freakin' Danger! I had the chance to tell her how grateful I was so I took it dammit. So..yeah. Heh.

I really wish you could go to SHIMMER, we'd have a blast but NJ is kinda far. Hell when I told mom, she about had kittens since I'm the youngest and I've maybe gone two places without her with me in my life (funnily enough both trips were to Oregon - which is on the other side of the continent! At least I'm going to a place thats in driving distance!) Oy...but I'd be glad to buy you something at the show!

What's your twitter handle? If you don't mind I'd like to follow you. ^__^

LoL Yeah, Jindal and the other Reps are pro-small govt until a disaster happens. Kinda baffling how our govt can put a man on the moon, but they say BP has the most high technology to deal with this leak - and yet they can't stop the leak. Wtf? And the President...people say he doesn't show enough emotion, some say he needs to get angry, then others think he shouldn't use the word 'ass' People are so damn flippy floppy. Oy. Where do you fall in the political scheme of things? Left, right, center, I don't give a flying fudge..? :D

Did I read that you graduated or was that someone else..?

I graduated after a lot of drama llama's, which sadly happened a lot during my 7 years of college.

ohhhhhhmygaaaaaaaaaaawddd that is awesome~! I think I IMed Allison twice but it was to ask her general "are you going to be wrestling in this place in NJ?" I probably have it still saved in tags, but never like that. Ugh, so awesome <3.

I think I clicked "follow" -- it's batmaneatsbabies -- I don't really do much talking, just retweet things I find funny - because I still don't really enjoy twitter and the limitations that it has.

LOLOLOL my grandmother used to be like your mother -- but she was the reason I always went to Florida as a child - so I told her one time that it's her fault I have the traveling bug inside me.

Politically I'm "independent" - which pretty much means I think they are all crooks but for some things I lean more republican, others I lean more democrat. You know what the best part is? NBC Nightly News (where I've been getting pretty "good" non-biased except 'oh god, this is horrible for the Gulf' stuff about the oil leak for the past 2 months now) said the other day that apparently the British PEOPLE are pissed at us and the President because most of them have stock in BP, and obviously, that's in the tanker. But, Obama is sooooo horrible and not mature enough to not say 'ass' according to them. There was something else and whatever the person said made me laugh because it sounded like something the British used to do to the Irish, but, oh yes, we Americans and Obama are so, so horrible.

Maybe politically I'm anti-anglophone =D

I'm driving to the state capital on Sunday to see a baseball game (and it's a real shithole/crime ridden city) and my parents made noises that it's not safe for someone like me who constantly gets lost around places I should know .... but they don't really fight me about my random trips either anymore.

Allison Danger <3 <3 <3 <3. And LOLOL I wouldn't even know where to begin to start if you were going to pick something up for me. Maybe find out how much it would cost to ship Becky <3.

Allison replied to my rambly little message..I had to take a deep breath before opening:

Your message totally made me smile :)
I am really glad you enjoy SHIMMER and am hoping we can meet at the September shows. I will shoot your dvds out either tomorrow or first thing on Monday. And you will have a little something signed in it.
Thanks again and take care!

...*DEAD* She has TOTALLY made my day, week and month! I asked if she could autograph one of the DVDs if they're not wrapped up, so thats what the little something signed means. I'm grinning like an idiot wheeeeeee!

LMAO YOU'RE batmaneatsbabies?!? Omg!! I get random people following me so I take my time finding out who I should follow in return but your name made me stop and stare. I was like "Whaaaa??" Thats hilarious! XD

I'm taking by Becky you mean Bayless? Hehe..I gotta admit I love her character on Wrestlicious. I think I have a person sized box in my basement.. ;)

The sooner it gets to Sept, the crankier mom'll become. I know she just worries, it's not really anger, but I'm hoping she'll at least help me out with the hotel booking. I'm staying at the same one that Steven, the diva-dirt SHIMMER correspondant, is staying. He's been uber helpful with info about the hotel, the tickets and other misc info. I said that since he's flying in and I'm driving he could ride with me to and from the tapings & parties. I'd normally be leery about it but he's established on the blog and Danger knows him so he's fine I think.

..If not, I'll be on a milk carton. As long as I see the tapings first, thats fair! XD

Welllll...sorry about the drama but at least you graduated right?

I used to be hardcore Republican conservative. Being a Rep comes from the family & the fact I went to a private baptist school. Hell I even helped campaign for Bush in my city. But after 2004 I got really disillusioned with him. The war, Katrina, the torture...suddenly the way he said "Nuclear" wasn't so endearing either. A friend of mine is progressive so I've learned a lot from him, and becoming more of a feminist has really pushed me away from the Republican to the Progressive/Liberal side. I consider myself Independent, in that I do look at both candidates instead of voting party lines. Two heroes of mine are Jack and Bobby Kennedy, and Obama reminded me a lot of them...LoL according to my mom, I'm the first in my family to vote for a democrat since the turn of the 1900's. There was no way I was voting for McCain after he picked Palin. At first I was happy he'd chosen a woman as VP but then I learned about her...and now, she scares the crap outta me even more. Plus she endorses the Rep senate candidate for my state, Rand Paul, who's a tea party member and doesn't agree with the private business clause in the Civil Rights act of '64. Ugh..

LoL I saw that! I was like, seriously? The Brits are mad at us because of the backlash against BP who's oil has probably permanently damaged the Gulf? Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Down with the British!...Again!

I listen to NBC Nightly too...more because I think Brian Williams is a hottie, but they do give balanced news more or less. And I like listening to Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow too, they're funny as hell. Plus I have a bit of a crush on Rachel and her sexy glasses hehe..

*flails!!!!!!!* hahahahhahahah omggggggg that is so awesome oh god Allison Danger, I can't quit you <3.

the batmaneatsbabies joke started as a silly joke that my friend and I created (I was trying to think of a goofball AOL account so that we could sign up for something and morphed into something magical <3). And yes, I've always had a crush on Becky Bayless and I was so pleased to see that she got some work on Wrestlelicious EVEN IF it sucks that we don't get it on TV around here. =/

You know phantomlord_lop who sometimes posts his columns in KAF? We've been friends for quite a while online because I loved his columns and then it turned out he had a LJ and AIM ... etc. Well, I went to the magical Isle of Brooklyn last year to sleep over at his house because we went to a concert and by the time it was over -- all the buses back to Jersey stopped. My dad wasn't completely pleased with that one (all of the men in my family have this strange "ALL MEN ARE GOING TO RAPE YOU -- hey, when are you getting married?" thing that I find hilarious) but I justified it by pointing out that he was a columnist and they can't be horrible peoples. Haha, somehow it worked.

Hotels are my main reason why I love traveling so much, I love/hate them so much, that that is why I think my soul was a'made for traveling.

I really, really like McCain. Not so much to lead my country. That was also my reason why I choose Bush in my first "yay legally allowed to vote!" chance over Gore. But, then the thing that pissed me off was the fact that Al Gore actually did win, but, blah blah. So, for awhile, even though I still voted in every local and state voting thing, it took me a really long time to get over that in regards to the presidency and remind myself that my vote really does counts. Somewhere. Somehow. And Ugh Sarah Palin. Ugh. That's all I can say. I'm not afraid of Palin (yet. I will be if she becomes president) - but I am frightened over the Tea Baggers. And not just the fact that most of them don't even know what kind of a sexual insult it is to be called one, hah.

I get my other news besides from an hour of NBC news a night -- from Jon Stewart - mainly because the idea of a 24/7 news channel is so unappealing to me ((but if push came to shove, I'd watch Anderson Cooper. In fact, I LOVE it when Regis is sick and Anderson fills in for him in the mornings. Ugh Silver Fox before Kevin Nash <3)). And Jon Stewart is the "Who watches the Watchman?" of all of the channels so I don't have to watch any of that boring shit myself.

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