Reflections of a Twenty-Something

Baby, I'm a Free Bitch.

J. Lynn
My name's Jennifer. I'm a 28 year old outspoken woman.

Unashamed to be a follower of Jesus Christ. In the words of General Robert E. Lee, "I can only say that I am nothing but a poor sinner, trusting in Christ alone for salvation."

I'm vehemently pro-choice, as I don't believe any person should be able to tell any woman what they can and cannot do with their body.

As for politics, I'm Progressive/Liberal. I used to be a hard core convservative, but midway through Bush's term, I became extremely disenchanted and disgusted with him and the whole Republican party and various affiliates (Limbaugh, Beck, etc.).

I'm also pro-gay marriage. Who is anyone to tell anybody who they can and cannot love & get married to?

I do love to write and I'm an avid reader of most anything fiction and non. I collect books, among other various items.

I like all types of music, various world cultures, comic books, classic b&w movies, horror movies. Oh, and WRESTLING. VERY heavy into wrestling. WWE, TNA, anywhere where there's good wrestling male and female. I believe women are just as good at wrestling as men and if given the chance, they'll prove it. Too bad it's still a male dominated industry. But one day, dammit. For now I watch what I can when I can. I've been watching the WWE since March 1999, TNA for a few years, but the best women's wrestlers are in the Independents, especially SHIMMER. Below are my banners supporting just a few of my favorites - graphics heavy so beware!

I have a VERY quirky sense of humor. And I like to get a reaction out of people, so I'm liable to say anything. XD

Cats are by far and away my favorite of God's creatures. All cats. Tigers, Persians, lions, leopards, lynxes, tabbies, calicos, even your out and out stray is welcome at my door. Birds are a close second. There's no type of cat or bird that I find disgusting or ugly.

If your still here, drop me a line. I like meeting new people. ^_^

My gmail.com account is jenniferlynn134@gmail.com. I can be reached there, and on twitter as JenniferL134.

And MAJOR PROPS to sigarilyo for my Triple H mood theme. I will be grateful unto eternity!!

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